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Published: 14th December 2010
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So the birthday of someone special is coming up. No matter how old we are, it's always nice to receive birthday cards from the people who love us to mark the occasion. In this day and age, we don't have to restrict ourselves to traditional cards bought in a card shop. If you're really busy or live far away, maybe even in a different country, sending online birthday cards might be a better option than using snail mail. There are a huge number of e birthday cards to choose from online. Whether it's your little three year old niece, your best friend or your dad, you can find something they will love and appreciate and leave them feeling special. Plus you don't have to pop to the shops in the pouring rain to choose something. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Making someone's day is just a mouse click away.

Cards from a regular shop are "standard issue". OK you can write a message inside, but you can't adapt the card itself to make it more personal. Online birthday cards are not limited in this way. You can alter the messages and graphics as well as add a nice personal touch with a heart felt note. That way the card can truly reflect the personality of the recipient, who will really appreciate the effort you put into customising it specifically for them. Cards mean so much to people, especially as we get older. When you're a little kid it's all about the gifts, birthday outing and the cake of course. Words and personal gestures mean more as we grow up. They can be treasured for always. It's always nice to stumble across a heart felt card containing some beautiful words and message that we had long forgotten about. Words are eternal.

When it comes to choosing e birthday cards, think carefully about the personality, interests and tastes of the recipient. Your mum is going to want something quite different from your girlfriend for example. Don't even try and give them both the same card with the same message. Things could get a little difficult for you! The great thing about looking online is that cards are divided up by category and can be easily searched. You don't have to leaf through rack after rack of cards like you would in a shop on the high street. Search for categories and themes that you think will appeal. If you are on a tight budget, some sites offer free cards. Even though they are free, people still appreciate the gesture. Especially as some of these free cards are musical. What could be more fun on your birthday, than something like that popping up in your inbox.

So why not make someone's birthday that extra bit special with custom online birthday cards personalised to your exact requirements. Showing what a caring, thoughtful and true friend you really are. E birthday cards, give them a try next time you want to surprise a friend or relative on their special day.

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